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COM FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Making Time to Achieve Your Goals


Capella University

COM FPX 1150 Introduction to Digital Information and Literacy

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Making Time to Achieve Your Goals

Part 1

During the assessment conducted via the online calculator, surplus time emerged, which was subsequently allocated to family activities, underscoring their paramount importance in my life. As a national staff member and project manager, with a well-structured workday, available time slots were easily identified by referencing my calendar. Discrepancies in time allocation initially arose due to variations in sleep patterns, sometimes exceeding eight hours on certain days and falling short on others. Overall, I maintain that my time is effectively balanced, contributing to overall productivity.

Prioritization of tasks is crucial to maintain an organized schedule. Drawing from leadership training, a chart featuring circles of influence and control is utilized. According to Mackay (2020), discerning the true importance of tasks amidst a multitude of urgent and important tasks is essential. Tasks under direct control are prioritized separately from those with only influence, accommodating varying deadlines. Time management within a corporate setting necessitates a delicate balancing act. As Bailey (2020) suggests, maintaining a detailed daily activity log aids in understanding time allocation and identifying potential areas for improvement.

COM FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Making Time to Achieve Your Goals

Task Priority
1Ensuring dinner with my wife and three children every night.
2Managing projects under my leadership at work.
3Contributing to projects in which I am involved.
4Timely completion of coursework for school.
5Adhering to my workout plan and diet.
6Allocating leisure time and vacations with the family.

Family commitments consistently take precedence when ranking tasks. Despite the company retreat ending before dinner, being home for dinner is prioritized. Work projects are of greater importance than the retreat but are planned accordingly. The company retreat obligation follows in terms of priority. This structure allows time in the morning for workouts and proper meals, with evenings reserved for any remaining coursework. Before bed, time is allocated for reading and research.

Part 2

The rationale behind my selected time organization strategy is rooted in the fundamental importance of time management in my life. Given my hectic weekly schedule, any tool facilitating organization holds value. Microsoft Outlook serves as my primary scheduling tool, granting my team access to my calendar for meetings or scheduling on my behalf. For personal to-do items, the Microsoft app “To Do” on my phone ensures seamless integration of tasks into my schedule.

Strict adherence to allocated time limits for tasks is a principle I staunchly endorse, including punctually ending meetings to respect everyone’s schedules, fostering efficiency and productivity. As a corporate employee, I prioritize keeping weekends clear for family activities. While the retreat minimally disrupted my schedule, acknowledging the importance of updating personal schedules in work calendars to accommodate potential leadership instructions is essential.

Utilizing resources like Microsoft tools is crucial for maintaining a cohesive schedule within a team. Alternative tools or paper calendars would pose challenges in staying on task and addressing team needs promptly.

The credibility of the source from the library is affirmed by its alignment with time management principles proven successful in my career. While more detailed than my usual references, the article provided valuable insights into task prioritization and effective time management.


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COM FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Making Time to Achieve Your Goals

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