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HIM FPX 4610 Assessment 1 Progress Note- The Skin


Capella University

HIM FPX 4610 Medical Terminology

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Skin Progress Note Template

This document provides a template for recording skin-related medical progress notes. Below is a table listing medical terms, their common equivalents, and examples. This format ensures consistency and clarity in medical documentation.

Medical Term and Common Term Examples

Medical Term
Common Term
GastritisInflammation or infection of the stomach 
EsophagogastroduodenoscopyProcedure to examine the throat, stomach, and small intestine using a scope 
IntegumentaryCovering or skin(Chabner, 2017)
EczemaInflammation of the skin(Chabner, 2017)
ErythematousRedness of the skin(Chabner, 2017)
MaculesFlat lesions under 1cm(Chabner, 2017)
UlnarOpen sore(Chabner, 2017)
LinearStraight line 
ExcoriationRemoval of skin(Chabner, 2017)
FissuringGroove or crack-like sore(Chabner, 2017)
SubcutaneousThick, fat-containing tissue(Chabner, 2017)
SuperficialOn the surface, shallow(Stoppler, 2021)
ActinicRelated to solar or ultraviolet exposure(Chabner, 2017)
KeratosisThickened, rough lesion on the skin(Chabner, 2017)
LipomasFat deposits 
SebaceousGland producing oily secretion(Chabner, 2017)
BiopsyTissue sample


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HIM FPX 4610 Assessment 1 Progress Note- The Skin

Stoppler, M. (2021). Medical definition of superficial. MedicineNet. Retrieved from

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