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HIM FPX 4610 Assessment 2 History and Physical (H&P): The Nervous System


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HIM FPX 4610 Medical Terminology

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Patient History and Physical (H&P) Template

Common Terms and Medical Abbreviations

Common Term
Medical Term or Abbreviation


1FemurThe large bone in the upper part of the legExample 1
2TendonectomyExcision or removal of a tendonExample 2
3ENTEars, nose, throatExample 3
4HypercholesterolemiaHigh cholesterol 
5DiplopiaDouble vision 
6HematocheziaBlood in stool 
7Angina/Angina PectorisChest pain 
8MRIMagnetic resonance imaging scan 
10CholelithiasisGallstones in the bladder 
11IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome 
12PMHPast medical history 
13HemianopsiaSeeing only from half of the eye 
15Hypertension/HTNHigh blood pressure 
16SOBShortness of breath 
17CholecystectomySurgical removal of gallbladder 
18ROSReview of systems


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HIM FPX 4610 Assessment 2 History and Physical (H&P): The Nervous System

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