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HIM FPX 4610 Assessment 5 Discharge Summary: The Cardiorespiratory System


Capella University

HIM FPX 4610 Medical Terminology

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Discharge Summary Template

A discharge summary serves as a crucial document outlining a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and ongoing care plans upon their discharge from a healthcare facility. This template provides a structured format for organizing key information regarding the patient’s conditions, medications, and diagnostic procedures.

Patient Information:

  • Name: [Patient Name]
  • Age: [Patient Age]
  • Medical Record Number: [MRN]
  • Date of Admission: [Admission Date]
  • Date of Discharge: [Discharge Date]
  • Attending Physician: [Attending Physician Name]


Medical Conditions and Treatments:

Common Term
Medical Term or Abbreviation
Reason Drug Is Used
1Pulmonary embolismPEExampleManagement of pulmonary embolism
2HypertensionHTNValsartanManagement of hypertension
3StrokeCerebrovascular accident (CVA)Management of stroke
4High blood pressureHypertension (HTN)Management of hypertension
5Abnormally high concentration of lipids in the bloodHyperlipidemia (HDL)Management of hyperlipidemia
6Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseCOPDManagement of COPD
7Congestive heart failureCHFManagement of congestive heart failure
8Medical imaging test to determine cardiac functionCardiac ventriculographyDiagnostic imaging for cardiac function assessment
9Computed tomography scanCT ScanDiagnostic imaging via CT scanning
10Magnetic resonance imaging scanMRIDiagnostic imaging via MRI scanning
11Chest painsAnginaManagement of angina
12Double visionDiplopiaManagement of diplopia
13HypertensionHTNAmlodipineManagement of hypertension
14HypertensionHTNLosartanManagement of hypertension
15Hypertension & CHFFurosemideManagement of hypertension and congestive heart failure
16High lipid levelsHLDAtorvastatinManagement of hyperlipidemia
17Bacterial infectionsSulfaTreatment of bacterial infections


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HIM FPX 4610 Assessment 5 Discharge Summary: The Cardiorespiratory System

Kirschenbaum, H., & Kalis, M. (2000). The Pharmacy Practice Handbook of Medication Facts. Routledge.

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