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HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Historical Analysis


Capella University

HIS FPX 1150 U.S. History: How the Past Informs the Present

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Historical Analysis

In the examination of the economic metamorphosis within the United States, paramount attention is directed towards fortifying the overall fiscal health of the nation (, 2020). The economy, in its flux, necessitates adept resource utilization and the pursuit of augmented revenues. Consequently, the substratum can cultivate a capital stock, necessitating a judicious consideration of all avenues for a successful economic overhaul.

To propel the economic momentum, tax reductions emerge as imperative, signaling a potential paradigm shift towards a heightened economic trajectory. The focus is on repurposing extant infrastructure concurrently with the economic growth momentum. The swift economic advancement engenders escalated employment opportunities, thereby fostering enhanced economic expansion facilitated by stakeholder engagement.

Credibility of Sources

The primary source, dating back to 1917, advocates for self-reliance among individuals who, despite dependence on external aid, find themselves depleted of resources. The central objective of the essay is to amplify individuals’ aspirations to fully actualize their potential and emancipate themselves from prevailing circumstances. It delineates the experiences of Americans migrating from the United States to the South in pursuit of a brighter economic prospect. Despite recent controversies surrounding the author’s literary works, the writer maintains an unbiased stance, deliberating on real-world phenomena.

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 2 Historical Analysis

Published in 1933, the source serves as a pivotal reference, elucidating the significance of America’s banking infrastructure, wherein consumers utilize accounts for deposits and fund transfers at reputable financial institutions. The source endeavors to explicate the modus operandi of financial entities in executing monetary transactions and dispensing diverse services to the populace. Despite impending weekend disruptions, the author, albeit absent at the time of documentation, upholds a commitment to advancing public welfare.

Impacts of Historical Events

A phase of transition characterized the American economy from 1916 to 1921, wherein South American denizens endured a diminished quality of life owing to fiscal constraints (, 2019). Endeavors to ameliorate the extant economic milieu and living standards encompass individuals seizing opportunities to promptly vend their services, mirroring the observed economic shifts.

Impacts of Historical Events (Cont.)

The integration of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) further fortifies economic stability. Nonetheless, the evidential corpus lacks inclusivity concerning natural resources and the role of women in the economy. Endeavors are directed towards empowering women to economically contribute to their respective communities.

Critical Thinking

Scrutiny discerns that the provided materials underscore the commonplace notion that individuals must proffer their expertise in the marketplace to attain a favorable standard of living (, n.d.). Rather than passively awaiting assistance, proactive strides are deemed judicious. Discrepancies in sources and information underscore the underutilization of women’s efficacy in the labor market. Leveraging female participation efficaciously is deemed more conducive to realizing economic advancement objectives within stipulated timelines. To attenuate the pace of economic metamorphosis, the presentation posits assigning greater significance to the inherent capabilities of the workforce at large, with an augmented emphasis on integrating women.

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