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HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Heroic Qualities Analysis


Capella University

HUM FPX 1150 Cultural Understanding in a Global World

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The concept of heroism has long fascinated societies, whether rooted in history or fiction, as it ignites our imagination and stirs our souls with tales of remarkable deeds. However, the precise definition of heroism remains elusive, raising questions about its origins and manifestations. This assessment endeavors to explore two distinct cultural artifacts to unravel the heroic qualities they embody.

Evaluation of Chosen Artifacts

The initial artifact under scrutiny is the biblical narrative of David and Goliath, a timeless tale brimming with bravery and faith. Set in ancient Judah around 1050 B.C., the story portrays David, a modest shepherd boy, confronting the imposing Philistine giant, Goliath. Despite his lack of combat experience and imposing stature, David’s boldness and unshakeable reliance on divine intervention propel him to triumph (Berejikian, 2018).

The second artifact, the acclaimed musical “Hamilton,” traces the life of Alexander Hamilton, from his impoverished origins to his pivotal role in shaping American history. As one of the founding fathers, Hamilton’s journey from obscurity to prominence highlights his intellect, resilience, and political savvy (Kenny, 2011).

HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Heroic Qualities Analysis

Similarities and Differences

While both artifacts exemplify heroic attributes, they diverge in the paths their protagonists take to achieve greatness. David and Hamilton emerge from humble beginnings, defying odds to attain prominence. However, their approaches differ significantly; Hamilton relies on intellectual prowess, whereas David prevails through physical valor. Despite these distinctions, both narratives underscore the universal recognition of strength, courage, and self-assurance as quintessential traits of heroism.

Takeaways from the Artifact Analysis

An exploration of these artifacts reveals that heroism transcends singular attributes, manifesting in diverse forms that evoke admiration. From this analysis, it becomes apparent that perseverance, grounded in faith and determination, serves as a common thread across cultures. Drawing parallels to personal experiences, such as David’s unwavering faith, fosters resilience and fortitude in confronting life’s adversities.


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HUM FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Heroic Qualities Analysis

Kenny, S. L. (2011). Gold: A Cultural Encyclopedia. Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

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