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PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life


Capella University

PHI FPX 2000 Ethics

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Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

Ethics, happiness, and the good life have been the focus of philosophical inquiry for centuries, intertwined in complex ways. Ethics offers a framework for distinguishing between right and wrong actions, guiding moral decision-making. Happiness, a subjective experience encompassing overall well-being, and the good life, involving fulfillment and meaningful existence, are inherently linked. Ethical behavior significantly contributes to both happiness and the good life (Sutton, 2020).

Definition of Happiness and a Well-Lived Life or the Good Life

My understanding of happiness and the good life revolves around moral growth and fostering healthy relationships. Happiness, from my perspective, is a multifaceted phenomenon incorporating emotions related to well-being, extending beyond mere positive feelings to include purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Various factors influence happiness, including relationships, achievements, physical health, and overall life outlook (Sutton, 2020). For instance, reconnecting with loved ones after a prolonged absence contributes to happiness, as does achieving health-related objectives.

Happiness Components
EmotionsEmotions related to well-being, extending beyond mere positivity to encompass purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.
RelationshipsConnection with others, such as family and friends, contributing significantly to overall happiness.
AchievementsAttainment of personal or professional goals, leading to a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
Physical HealthGood physical health and well-being are vital components of overall happiness and life satisfaction.
Outlook on LifeA positive life perspective, characterized by optimism and resilience, enhances happiness and well-being.

Utilitarianism Ethical Theory

Utilitarianism evaluates actions based on their ability to maximize happiness and joy. An action is deemed morally right if it generates happiness for a greater number of individuals and morally wrong if it fails to do so. This ethical framework revolves around evaluating the moral merit of actions through the prism of happiness and human life satisfaction (Häyry, 2020).

Core Values and Their Relationship to the Definition of “the Good Life”

Personal core values serve as foundational principles guiding attitudes, behaviors, and decisions. They act as a moral compass, influencing choices across various life domains. Values such as ethics, autonomy, respect, empathy, fairness, loyalty, and security shape individual identity and provide purpose and meaning (Steckermeier, 2020). Core values, including human well-being, respect, health, autonomy, friendship, security, and loyalty, significantly impact life satisfaction and the good life (Steckermeier, 2020).

Core Values
EthicsMoral principles that govern behavior, guiding individuals to distinguish between right and wrong actions.
AutonomyAcknowledgment of individuals’ right to make decisions concerning their own lives, fostering independence and freedom.
RespectRecognition of the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals, regardless of differences or circumstances.
EmpathyCapacity to understand and share the feelings of others, promoting compassion, connection, and mutual support.
FairnessCommitment to justice and equality, ensuring impartial treatment and opportunities for all members of society.
LoyaltyDevotion and faithfulness to individuals, groups, or causes, fostering trust, solidarity, and mutual support.
SecurityAssurance of safety and stability, both physically and emotionally, contributing to overall well-being and peace of mind.

The Most Important Personal Value

Autonomy and responsibility emerge as core values essential for recognizing others’ autonomy and fulfilling caregiving duties. Autonomy, intertwined with well-being, satisfaction, and positive emotions, plays a crucial role in shaping moral values and fostering healthy relationships. Responsibility involves caring for others, balancing obligations with individual freedom. Both values contribute to life satisfaction, happiness, and the good life (Steckermeier, 2020; Juliebdo, 2018).

Ethical Obligation to Others Related to the Definition of Happiness and the Good Life

Ethical obligations toward others significantly influence the definition of the good life. Upholding rights, promoting well-being, and preventing harm enhance life satisfaction and individual happiness. Human rights and dignity, rooted in ethical responsibilities, are pivotal in defining happiness and the good life (Łuków, 2018). Treating others with respect and dignity fosters healthy relationships and contributes to a positive and fulfilling life (Ikuenobe, 2018).

PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life


Core values, fundamental to individual beliefs and behaviors, shape attitudes, decisions, and actions. Embracing ethical principles fosters meaningful relationships, trust, respect, and community, essential components of a fulfilling life. These elements collectively contribute to happiness and the good life, creating conducive conditions for individual well-being, self-enlightenment, and life satisfaction (Ikuenobe, 2018).


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PHI FPX 2000 Assessment 1 Ethics, Happiness, and the Good Life

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