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PSY FPX 5110 Assessment 1 Outside Looking In: The Case Study of Isabel


Capella University

PSY FPX 5110 Ethics and Multicultural Issues in Psychology

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Isabel, a 29-year-old second-generation Cuban American cisgender woman, is married to Manuel, also Cuban American, and they have two children, David (8) and Carmen (4). Isabel sought therapy upon the recommendation of her cousin, who found it beneficial for family issues. She expresses feelings of discouragement, constant fatigue, and stress, yet manages her responsibilities towards her family despite difficulties. Isabel identifies her marriage as a significant source of her unhappiness, though her husband refuses counseling participation.

Cultural Differences

Non-denominational ChristianRoman Catholic

Relevant Biases

This study emphasizes biases related to marital status and religion.

Best Practice for Working With Cuban-Americans

Culturally sensitive therapy is crucial, focusing on understanding and incorporating the client’s background, ethnicity, and belief system (American Psychological Association, 1990).

Best Practice for Working With Catholic Clients

Solution-focused counseling offers a strategic approach, considering clients’ religious and spiritual concerns (Guterman & Leite, 2006).

Best Practice for Working With Married Clients

Integrative Relational Psychotherapy incorporates behavioral, family systems, and experiential systems to address issues primarily related to anxiety and depression (American Psychological Association, 2014).


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PSY FPX 5110 Assessment 1 Outside Looking In: The Case Study of Isabel

Guterman, J. T., & Leite, N. (2006). Solution-Focused Counseling for Clients With Religious and Spiritual Concerns. Counseling and Values, 51(1), 39-52. Retrieved from

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