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PSY FPX 5110 Assessment 4 Educators’ Obligation to Students


Capella University

PSY FPX 5110 Ethics and Multicultural Issues in Psychology

Prof. Name


Case Study Overview

In her first year as a psychology educator, Mrs. John-Smith faces a challenge with one of her students, Morgan, an 18-year-old undergraduate who appears disengaged in class, frequently checking her phone. Morgan has not attended any after-class office hours, unlike most other students. Recently, Morgan raised concerns about the lack of LGBTQIA+ case studies in the curriculum, feeling excluded and suggesting prejudice from Mrs. John-Smith. The dean forwards Morgan’s concerns to Mrs. John-Smith, who expresses a commitment to addressing the issue through further professional development.

Professional Setting: A University The Relationship: Professor-Student

Respecting students’ rights and dignity involves considering factors such as age, gender, culture, and socioeconomic context (Michigan Code of Educational Ethics, n.d.).

Mrs. John-Smith must seek to understand her students’ educational, personal, and social needs, as well as their values and cultural backgrounds (Michigan Code of Educational Ethics, n.d.).

Cultural Differences

Mrs. John-Smith
Late 20s18
Black/African AmericanWhite/Caucasian

Cultural disparities and differing sexual orientations contribute to the conflict, with Mrs. John-Smith’s exclusion of LGBTQIA+ content hindering Morgan’s learning environment.

Relevant Biases

Sexual Orientation

Strategies to reduce implicit bias include approaching, exposing, and educating oneself (Edgoose et al., 2019). Emphasizing LGBTQIA+ themes in teacher education curricula can enhance educator self-efficacy (Brant & Willox, 2022).

Ethical Concerns

Sexuality Exclusion
Suppress Subject Matters
Ethical Standards 2.03Ethical Standards 3.04

PSY FPX 5110 Assessment 4 Educators’ Obligation to Students

Utilitarianism is a suitable ethical theory for this case, as it prioritizes the greatest good for the greatest number. Including LGBTQIA+ case studies benefits not only Morgan but potentially other students facing similar issues (Driver, 2022).

Ethical Decision Making with Fisher’s Model
  1. Assess the professional decision of excluding LGBTQIA+ case studies.
  2. Review APA Ethics rules and university policies.
  3. Investigate relevant local, state, and federal laws.
  4. Identify potential stakeholders: instructor, supervisor, deans, students.
  5. Seek guidance from higher faculty, meet with Morgan, request training, and consider alternative teaching methods.
  6. Pursue professional development to enhance inclusivity (Roldán et al., 2021).

Multicultural Issues

Sexual Orientation
Protecting Students Overview

Understanding and fostering cultural awareness requires educators to consider the diverse backgrounds of their students (Protecting Students Overview, n.d.).

Best Practice for Working With LGBTQ+ Community
  • Use thoughtful language.
  • Familiarize oneself with LGBTQ+ terminology.
  • Avoid assumptions about individuals’ identities (Protecting Students Overview, n.d.).

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PSY FPX 5110 Assessment 4 Educators’ Obligation to Students

Sider, E., Marulanda, M., & Andrews, S. (2023). The use of case studies in higher education: A literature review. Journal of Higher Education Research34(2), 215-230.

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