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PSY FPX 6015 Assessment 3 Adolescent Case Intervention Analysis


Capella University

PSY FPX 6015 Lifespan Development

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Adolescent Case Intervention Analysis: Case Study of Jasmine

Jasmine, a 17-year-old Chinese American, migrated from China to Oregon, United States, two years ago. She faces challenges in her new environment, struggling with language barriers and cultural differences. Being the youngest in her family and a newcomer in her school, she experiences difficulties in academic performance and social integration. Jasmine encounters discrimination and bullying from her peers, affecting her self-esteem and mental well-being. Despite her struggles, she internalizes her feelings of depression and isolation, fearing her parents’ lack of understanding.


Understanding Jasmine’s challenges requires analyzing her lifespan development through psychological and sociological perspectives. Lifespan development theories, such as Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of Development, elucidate Jasmine’s current struggles with identity and role confusion typical of adolescence. Additionally, Cultural Psychology provides insights into how cultural norms influence Jasmine’s sense of belonging and self-perception.

Psychological Theories Related to Case

Erikson’s theory identifies Jasmine’s stage as adolescence, characterized by the conflict between identity and role confusion. Cultural Psychology highlights the impact of cultural beliefs on Jasmine’s psyche, exacerbating her feelings of alienation and depression.

Presenting Challenges

Jasmine’s early adolescence is marked by questioning her values and struggling with peer acceptance. Her lack of self-regulation and supportive peer relationships hinder her adaptation to her new environment. Furthermore, her ethnicity shapes her identity, influencing her adherence to parental expectations and inhibiting autonomy and social integration.

Primary Issues

Jasmine’s challenges stem from her cultural adaptation, lack of self-regulation, and poor peer relationships. Effective self-regulation is crucial for her academic and social success, but it’s hindered by cultural conflicts and limited support systems.

Learning Evaluation and Intervention

Research suggests that addressing identity confusion and promoting family communication can mitigate depressive symptoms in adolescents. Family therapy and group interventions, such as dialectical behavior therapy, offer promising strategies to enhance Jasmine’s emotional well-being and social integration.

Jasmine’s Case Study in Relation to Psychedelic Therapy

While unconventional, psychedelic therapy presents potential benefits for adolescents like Jasmine struggling with depression. Research indicates that psilocybin therapy can alleviate depressive symptoms and enhance feelings of connectedness, offering alternative treatment avenues for adolescents resistant to conventional therapies.


Jasmine’s case underscores the importance of understanding cultural influences and developmental challenges in adolescent intervention. By addressing her identity conflicts and fostering supportive relationships, interventions can facilitate Jasmine’s integration and improve her mental health outcomes.


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PSY FPX 6015 Assessment 3 Adolescent Case Intervention Analysis

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PSY FPX 6015 Assessment 3 Adolescent Case Intervention Analysis

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