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PSY FPX 6020 Assessment 2 The Microsystem, Mesosystem and Development


Capella University

PSY FPX 6020 Advocacy in Child and Adolescent Development

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Urie Bronfenbrenner, a distinguished developmental psychologist, introduced the ecological systems theory to explicate child development processes (Darling, 2007). This theory elucidates how a child’s inherent characteristics and their environment influence their growth and development. Comprising five interconnected components, the ecological systems theory provides insights into the various environments children experience, each exerting different levels of impact on development (Ashiabi & O’Neal, 2015).

Microsystem & Mesosystem Case Analysis: Katie

Katie’s Microsystem:

Katie, a fourteen-year-old residing in suburban Miami with her parents and special-needs younger sister, represents the microsystem – her immediate familial context (Ashiabi & O’Neal, 2015). Despite excelling academically, Katie feels neglected at home, harboring resentment towards her parents. This emotional strain affects her familial interactions, leading to strained relationships (Dolgin, 2018).

Katie’s Mesosystem:

Within Katie’s mesosystem, interactions among family, peers, and educators intertwine. Concerns from Katie’s teachers about her declining academic performance due to her newfound friendships highlight the mesosystem’s role in shaping her development (Arnett, 2013). However, her parents’ disapproval of these friendships creates conflict, worsening Katie’s emotional turmoil.

Microsystem & Mesosystem Case Analysis: Daniel

Daniel’s Microsystem:

Daniel, a twelve-year-old from a rural Louisiana community, resides with his mother and grandmother, constituting his microsystem. Despite the absence of a father figure, Daniel enjoys stable relationships with his caregivers, who actively engage him in extracurricular pursuits (Arnett, 2013).

Daniel’s Mesosystem:

In Daniel’s mesosystem, interactions between his immediate environment and external influences, such as teachers and his soccer coach, play a crucial role. Despite his reserved nature, Daniel benefits from supportive adults who foster his academic and social development (Ashiabi & O’Neal, 2015).

Comparative Analysis: Katie & Daniel’s Microsystemic/Mesosystemic Factors

While Daniel flourishes in a nurturing microsystem and mesosystem, Katie contends with familial neglect and strained relationships, impeding her emotional and academic progress. Daniel’s caregivers collaborate with external influences to nurture his potential, contrasting Katie’s fragmented support system (Waters, Cross, & Runions, 2009).


Positive development relies on the harmonious interplay between a child’s microsystem and mesosystem. By cultivating supportive relationships across environments, caregivers can mitigate adverse influences, fostering holistic development in children (Ashiabi & O’Neal, 2015).

PSY FPX 6020 Assessment 2 The Microsystem, Mesosystem and Development


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PSY FPX 6020 Assessment 2 The Microsystem, Mesosystem and Development

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