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PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 2 Proposal for Conducting Candidate Screens


Capella University

PSY FPX 6710 Principles of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Proposal for Conducting Candidate Screens

At my current workplace, there is a requirement to advance two care management coordinators to senior care management coordinators, as I prepare for elevation to team supervisor. The senior care management coordinator role encompasses leading and guiding staff, managing complex cases, and executing tasks typical of a care management coordinator. Key competencies sought in candidates include proficient communication and interaction with patients and families from diverse cultural backgrounds, adept multitasking, and the ability to handle challenging assignments such as training new hires and managing existing caseloads. Furthermore, organizational prowess, teamwork, leadership, decision-making, and self-management are pivotal attributes.

Standardized Testing

Three standardized tests identified as effective for screening job candidates are the Adaptive Employee Personality Test, Work Personality Inventory, and Caliper Profile. The Adaptive Employee Personality Test evaluates potential employees and can illuminate areas for growth. The Work Personality Inventory assesses motives, cognitive styles, and attitude drivers in the workplace. The Caliper Profile gauges candidates across multiple dimensions such as leadership, communication, decision-making, and self-management.

PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 2 Proposal for Conducting Candidate Screens

Structured Interview

Structured interview questions have been formulated to comprehensively evaluate candidates:

  1. Multitasking and Time Management
  2. Leadership Experience
  3. Unique Qualities and Suitability for the Role
  4. Decision-making and Team Collaboration
  5. Handling Complex Cases Collaboratively
  6. Boosting Morale and Managing Crises
  7. Flexibility and Availability for Overtime
  8. Leadership Approach
  9. Support for Colleagues in Unsafe Scenarios
  10. Career Goals
  11. Sustaining Team Morale
  12. Assistance to Struggling Colleagues
  13. Organizational Skills
  14. Keeping Updated with Resources
  15. Crisis Assistance for Members and Colleagues
Selection Test Differentiation

These tests aid in distinguishing candidates based on their behavioral traits, cognitive styles, attitudes, and work-related proficiencies. Each test offers distinct insights into an individual’s potential contributions and suitability for the position.

Ethical Considerations on Testing

Ethical considerations in testing entail refraining from personal inquiries, respecting candidate privacy, and abstaining from imposing personal viewpoints. Upholding confidentiality is critical to prevent discrimination based on personal information disclosed during the interview process.


The Adaptive Employee Personality Test, Work Personality Inventory, and Caliper Profile provide valuable insights for screening job candidates. Adherence to ethical standards is imperative throughout the assessment process. Employing a structured interview approach enhances objectivity and efficacy in candidate evaluation.


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PSY FPX 6710 Assessment 2 Proposal for Conducting Candidate Screens

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