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PSY FPX 6720 Assessment 4 Leader Development


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PSY FPX 6720 Psychology of Leadership

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Implementing strategies like delegation and mentorship is crucial for managers to prevent burnout and maintain work-life balance. Neglecting this balance not only affects individuals but also impacts their families and workplaces. Effective time and energy management are essential for physical and mental well-being. Managers need to realize the significance of these practices to achieve a more efficient work-life balance.

Leader Development

Assuming leadership roles demands considerable time and effort, as evidenced by Greg Stephans, a technology department worker at United First Federal Bank. Greg, after battling flu, realizes the imbalance between his work and personal life. Despite acknowledging the strain, he struggles to find equilibrium. Delegation and mentorship are vital for Greg’s improvement. Such changes alleviate stress and enhance leadership effectiveness. Research emphasizes the mutual support between leaders and followers for a balanced work environment (Muna & Mansour, 2009). Delegating tasks and mentoring employees ensure errors don’t solely burden individuals but also affect team dynamics positively.

Leader Development

Studies illustrate that delegation and mentoring enhance employees’ role clarity, organizational understanding, and job satisfaction (Jokisaari & Vuori, 2018). Encouraging such practices enables Greg’s team to handle situations independently, allowing him to focus on managerial duties and personal life.

Time and Energy Management

Balancing work and personal life is critical for individuals across all organizational levels. Prioritizing work over personal life strains relationships and diminishes satisfaction (Sturges & Guest, 2004). Delegating tasks not only lightens the managerial load but also fosters employee-manager relationships, providing valuable managerial experience (Yukl & Fu, 1999).

Implementing Change

Greg must initiate delegation and mentorship to improve his situation. Developing subordinates through delegation is essential as it lightens his workload and fosters a supportive work environment (Marks & Goldstein, 2005). Failure to implement such strategies not only burdens Greg but also hampers organizational performance.

PSY FPX 6720 Assessment 4 Leader Development


Managers must ensure task completion while empowering their team members. Neglecting work-life balance not only affects individual well-being but also disrupts team dynamics. Delegating tasks and mentoring employees are essential for a harmonious work-life balance.


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PSY FPX 6720 Assessment 4 Leader Development

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