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PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 1 Entry and Contracting: Analysis of ABC Bank


Capella University

PSY FPX 6730 Consultation Psychology

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ABC has engaged a consultant to design a leadership development program aimed at long-term sustainability. This paper examines a consulting contract for ABC Bank, focusing on areas for clarification, particularly regarding the voluntary nature of participation. Additionally, it discusses key topics and questions essential for project initiation. Furthermore, it provides a list of best practices to establish trust between the consultant and ABC Bank.

Entry and Contracting Analysis of the Sample Consulting Contract

Upon reviewing the ABC contract, certain aspects necessitate clarification. Of particular concern is the voluntary nature of participation outlined in the contract’s “Needs from the Client” section. Despite apparent leadership issues within the organization, management has deemed participation in the project as voluntary. This raises questions about achieving business objectives and addressing compliance issues effectively. Notably, there is a lack of emphasis on ethics training, crucial for preventing ethical violations similar to those leading to a recent managerial termination.

Topics to Discuss Before the Completion of the Contract Drafting

The contract’s voluntary participation clause raises concerns about executive leadership’s commitment to the program. Notably, there is no mandate for executive team involvement, despite indications of their necessity for the program’s success. Furthermore, instances of workplace discrimination observed during executive meetings highlight the potential need for diversity and compliance training within the program. These considerations are crucial for the project’s successful implementation and alignment with organizational goals.

Best Practices for Building Trust While Constructing a Sample Contract

Establishing trust between consultants and clients is paramount for project success. Nikolova and Möllering (2015) identify three social practices integral to trust-building: signaling ability and integrity, demonstrating benevolence, and establishing an emotional connection. These practices involve fostering cognitive and affective trust between parties, emphasizing vulnerability as a catalyst for trust development. The ABI model, comprising ability, benevolence, and integrity, provides a framework for building trust in client-consultant relationships.

PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 1 Entry and Contracting: Analysis of ABC Bank


ABC Bank recognizes the need for leadership development initiatives to overcome internal challenges. Commissioning an external consultant underscores the bank’s commitment to long-term viability. Despite initial reservations from some executive leaders, mandatory participation in the program is essential to foster organizational growth and prevent issues like non-compliance and poor leadership. By prioritizing trust-building and addressing pertinent topics, ABC Bank aims to benefit from a sustainable leadership development program adaptable to evolving business needs.


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PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 1 Entry and Contracting: Analysis of ABC Bank

Nikolova, N., & Möllering, G., (2015). Trusting as a ‘leap of faith’: Trust-building practices in client-consultant relationships. Scandinavian Journal of Management. 31(2), 232-245.

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