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PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 4 Theoretical Foundations


Capella University

PSY FPX 6730 Consultation Psychology

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The owner of Company A Tech Solutions seeks consultancy assistance to implement a new organizational structure and enhance staff training for improved coordination between new and existing teams. Recent expansions, including the establishment of a physical store and a customer support division, have led to internal conflicts and communication issues within the organization, impacting morale and teamwork.

Case Study

Amidst organizational transitions, staff members at Company A Tech Solutions are uncertain about their roles, particularly with the merging of online and in-person support teams. Despite initial resistance to change, the company experienced a 15% profit increase after opening the store. Internal conflicts raise concerns about customer perception and the need for effective communication channels within the organization.

Consulting: Theories and Their Basis in Evidence

Utilizing behavioral theories is crucial for successful interventions, providing a framework for understanding and addressing organizational challenges (Davis et al., 2015). Gestalt Theory emphasizes individual experiences and interactions with the environment, offering insights into organizational dynamics (Chidiac, 2013). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on identifying and modifying core beliefs to facilitate behavior change (Hyland & Bodusek, 2012).

Synthesis of Consulting Theories

Incorporating Gestalt Theory and CBT can help Company A Tech Solutions adapt to changes and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Organizations must embrace change to remain relevant (Tsoukas & Chia, 2002). Gestalt principles facilitate awareness and adaptation, while CBT enhances decision-making and behavior modification (Egeland et al., 2019).

Consulting Guidelines

Consultants should adopt a whole-client approach, involving stakeholders in problem-solving and decision-making processes (Block, 2011). Objectivity and support are essential for facilitating meaningful change within organizations.


Implementing Gestalt Theory and CBT interventions can assist Company A Tech Solutions in achieving its organizational objectives. By addressing communication issues and promoting a culture of adaptation, the company can enhance efficiency and teamwork.


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PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 4 Theoretical Foundations

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PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 4 Theoretical Foundations

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