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PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 5 Case Study: Implementation


Capella University

PSY FPX 6730 Consultation Psychology

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This assessment delineates the implementation strategies employed in a case study focusing on leadership development within the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Two group-level interventions are selected to address organizational challenges. These interventions are integrated into an implementation plan, including goals and evaluation methodologies. Additionally, the consultant’s future development trajectory is analyzed.


The Implementation Process
Group-Level Intervention Selection

For enhancing performance within the MTA, two group-level interventions are selected to address client resistance and performance issues. Given the vastness of the organization, these interventions aim to unify leadership perspectives and manage resistance effectively.

World Café Intervention Method

The World Café (TWC) method facilitates open dialogue and idea sharing among leaders. Developed by Juanita Brown, TWC fosters a conducive environment for collaboration and innovation. This approach is deemed suitable for connecting leaders across MTA agencies and promoting dialogue on leadership development.

Rapid Results Intervention Method

Rapid Results intervention emphasizes swift performance improvements through collaborative team efforts. This approach enhances collaboration and confidence among team members, essential for organizational transformation. Rapid Results intervention is proposed for lower leadership levels within MTA agencies to address resistance effectively.

Client Resistance Strategies

To mitigate resistance within the MTA, three strategies are proposed. These include identifying resistance cues, fostering open dialogue through TWC sessions, and reshaping tasks into short-term projects to instill a sense of achievement among resistors.

Implementation Plan

An implementation plan is devised to introduce group-level interventions within the MTA. This plan focuses on initiating World Café sessions with agency chiefs and implementing Rapid Results interventions at lower leadership levels. Regular meetings and evaluations are scheduled to ensure intervention effectiveness.

PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 5 Case Study: Implementation

Evaluation Plan

The Kirkpatrick Model is chosen for evaluating the group-level interventions. This model assesses participants’ reactions, learning outcomes, behavioral changes, and overall results. Despite some critiques, the Kirkpatrick Model remains widely used and serves as a comprehensive evaluation framework.


The proposed interventions and evaluation methodologies offer a structured approach to address leadership development challenges within the MTA. Success hinges on effective implementation, ongoing evaluation, and collaboration among stakeholders. Despite anticipated challenges, the consultant remains optimistic about the project’s outcomes and personal growth.


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PSY FPX 6730 Assessment 5 Case Study: Implementation

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