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PSY FPX 6820 Assessment 2 Analyzing TAIS Results


Capella University

PSY FPX 6820 Performance Enhancement in Sports

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Analyzing TAIS Results

Andrew’s potential as a team leader and quarterback makes him a compelling draft prospect. His scores on the Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) reveal notable strengths in areas such as external and internal distractibility, rule and risk orientation, self-criticism, decision-making style, and the expression of criticism and anger. However, he scores below the World Champion percentiles in information processing, control, physical competitiveness, and the expression of support and affection. His results in other categories are average.

TAIS & Athletics

The TAIS is an effective tool for identifying performance enhancement needs and determining the necessity for additional psychological services. It evaluates communication and concentration skills essential for improving athletic performance. Its multidimensional approach focuses on attentional and interpersonal styles, which are critical for high-level athletes like Andrew, who experience increasing pressure. The TAIS also accounts for gender differences in attentional focus and affect expression. Moreover, occupational roles influence the skills measured, as evidenced by comparisons between white male college students and police officers. Andrew’s distractibility scores align with existing research findings.

Strengths and Weaknesses

High distractibility scores can result in anxiety and performance issues when there is an overload. On the other hand, individuals with higher distractibility may have an enhanced ability to integrate ideas, improving their analytical skills. These strengths and weaknesses are crucial for understanding an athlete’s potential performance capabilities.

Priorities of Performance

Competitive factors significantly influence attention styles, highlighting the importance of analyzing and integrating multiple ideas for optimal performance. Andrew’s capacity to maintain focus amid external distractions is essential for overcoming environmental challenges during games.

Analysis Recommendation

Andrew’s TAIS results indicate areas for improvement, especially in sustaining focus and managing self-criticism. His strengths in decision-making and risk-taking orientation are notable, yet his low expression of affection suggests he may thrive in environments that use negative reinforcement. Understanding these nuances can help tailor training and support strategies to maximize Andrew’s potential.

PSY FPX 6820 Assessment 2 Analyzing TAIS Results


Andrew exhibits considerable potential despite the areas identified for development. With customized training techniques and strategies, he can overcome these challenges and excel as a draft pick. A more profound understanding of his traits beyond the TAIS results can further support his recommendation.


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PSY FPX 6820 Assessment 2 Analyzing TAIS Results

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