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PSY FPX 7210 Assessment 2 Early and Middle Childhood Case Intervention Analysis


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PSY FPX 7210 Lifespan Development

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Psychologists utilize observation and various assessment tools to ensure an accurate analysis when examining a client’s case. Essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and an in-depth understanding of developmental theories are crucial. This paper presents a simulated case study, observation, and analysis of a 4-year-old male experiencing social-emotional challenges impacting his development.

Case Summary: Middle Childhood

Juan, a five-year-old Hispanic male, lives with his mother, Anna, in New Jersey. Anna, a single parent, balances two jobs to maintain their modest lifestyle. Juan was observed at the Hudson County Early Intervention Center following referrals from a crisis teacher due to his emotional outbursts. During the observation, Juan struggled to initiate play, had difficulty with fine and gross motor skills, and displayed emotional distress, particularly when separated from his mother.

Developmental Considerations

Developmental delays can result from genetic and environmental factors. Genetic risks include chromosomal abnormalities, while environmental risks involve exposure to harmful agents and adverse conditions. Educational psychology, a specialized field, addresses developmental delays that impact learning by focusing on social, emotional, and cognitive processes to assess a child’s abilities and create tailored development plans.

Theory & Research

Developmental milestones, based on theories like Erikson’s Developmental Theory, clarify Juan’s current stage of “Initiative vs. Guilt.” Attachment theory, especially Bowlby’s, highlights Juan’s resistant attachment and its effects on his socio-emotional development. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory emphasizes the impact of cultural, economic, and social factors on child development.

Interventions in Educational Psychology

Effective interventions for Juan include parent coaching to enhance parental involvement, ESL support, and occupational therapy to improve his motor skills. Culturally relevant group support and workforce development for Anna are also important. These interventions aim to support Juan’s socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical development.


Parents and caregivers are crucial in facilitating therapeutic interventions for children with developmental delays. Individualized support for caregivers is vital for implementing effective interventions. By addressing Juan’s developmental needs holistically, tailored interventions can promote his overall well-being and development.

PSY FPX 7210 Assessment 2 Early and Middle Childhood Case Intervention Analysis


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PSY FPX 7210 Assessment 2 Early and Middle Childhood Case Intervention Analysis

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Appendix: Simulated Case Study

Juan, a five-year-old Hispanic boy, lives with his mother, Anna, in New Jersey. Anna relocated from Puerto Rico two years ago and balances two jobs to sustain their modest lifestyle. Juan was referred by a crisis teacher at his elementary school and is being observed at the Hudson County Early Intervention Center due to emotional outbursts.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Physical DevelopmentTypical physical growthUnderdeveloped hand-eye coordination
Emotional/Social DevelopmentEnthusiasm for collaborative activitiesFrequent emotional outbursts, reluctance to engage with peers, resistant attachment
Cognitive DevelopmentResponds positively to encouragementLagging in reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities
Emotional/Social Development

Observations suggest that Juan may suffer from low self-esteem due to peer rejection. His emotional distress is evident behaviorally and may be influenced by cultural factors and his mother’s absence.

Physical Development

Although Juan’s physical growth is on track, his hand-eye coordination is underdeveloped.

Cognitive Development

Limited interaction has impeded Juan’s cognitive development, reflected in his delayed reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills compared to his peers.

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