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PSY FPX 7230 Assessment 2 Emotional Management: The Impact of Hegemonic Masculinity on Adolescent Boys


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PSY FPX 7230 Adolescent Psychology

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Research Proposal: Examining Societal Influences on Emotional Management in Adolescent Boys

This paper aims to propose a research study addressing the societal impact on emotional management education for adolescent boys. The focus will be on understanding how dominant male norms influence male youth and their developmental consequences. The outline will highlight key issues in current societal teachings and suggest corrective measures. By elucidating how masculinity fosters negative development in young men, this research endeavors to mitigate harmful ideals, benefiting both men and women in society.

Understanding Hegemonic Masculinity

Hegemonic masculinity denotes the societal norm of male dominance (Randell et al., 2015). This concept encompasses various cultural interpretations, shaping men’s assertiveness and social roles. However, such ideals can be damaging, particularly as they discourage emotional expression and promote aggression as the epitome of masculinity. 

Challenges in Emotional Expression

Boys are socialized to suppress emotions, viewing sensitivity as a weakness (Randell et al., 2015). As a result, they often resort to aggression as the sole acceptable form of expression. This societal influence poses significant challenges, impacting both individual development and societal dynamics. 

PSY FPX 7230 Assessment 2 Emotional Management: The Impact of Hegemonic Masculinity on Adolescent Boys

Research Findings and Implications

| Studies reveal a reluctance among adolescent boys to discuss emotions openly (Phoenix, Frosh, & Pattman, 2003). Fear of judgment leads to shame and embarrassment, perpetuating a cycle of emotional repression. Addressing these issues early in adolescence is crucial to fostering healthy emotional development and mitigating long-term repercussions. |

Proposed Solutions

| Efforts to redefine masculinity are imperative, replacing negative stereotypes with positive associations (Newlin & Espelage, 2009). By raising awareness of flawed societal norms, educators, psychologists, and parents can work collaboratively to promote healthier emotional management practices. |


| Exploring the impact of masculinity on emotional development is essential, yet often overlooked (Gutgesell & Payne, 2004). This research proposal aims to fill this gap, providing valuable insights for stakeholders invested in adolescent well-being. |


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PSY FPX 7230 Assessment 2 Emotional Management: The Impact of Hegemonic Masculinity on Adolescent Boys

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