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PSY FPX 7230 Assessment 3 Teenage Pregnancy


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PSY FPX 7230 Adolescent Psychology

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Teenage Pregnancy

Becoming a mother marks a significant transition in a woman’s life, entailing the acquisition of maternal skills, appropriate behavior, and a strong maternal identity. Adequate preparation for this role is essential for maternal adjustment and the transition to adulthood. However, the increasing prevalence of teenage pregnancy presents significant global concerns (Mangeli et al., 2017).

Transitioning to motherhood requires readiness in physical, psychological, social, and cognitive aspects, areas where teenage mothers often lack preparation. Balancing maternal responsibilities with the developmental tasks of adolescence exacerbates the challenges they encounter. Additionally, socio-economic disadvantages further complicate their journey into motherhood (Mangeli et al., 2017).

Challenges Faced by Adolescent Mothers

Adolescent mothers confront a multitude of challenges spanning physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. These include the necessity for ongoing support and education, limited decision-making capabilities, insufficient maternal skills, and the heightened risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth (Mangeli et al., 2017).

Complications of Adolescent Pregnancy

Adolescent pregnancy is linked to increased risks such as low birth weight, preterm birth, and infant mortality. While some attribute these outcomes to biological immaturity, others argue that socio-economic factors play a significant role (Restrepo-Méndez et al., 2011).

Furthermore, teenagers are more likely to require a cesarean section due to incomplete pelvic development, leading to prolonged recovery periods and increased risks of anemia, which can impact both birth outcomes and maternal mental health (Restrepo-Méndez et al., 2011).

Challenges During Postpartum Period

The postpartum period presents additional challenges for adolescent mothers. Themes of feeling torn between two worlds, loneliness, and the dissonance between expectations and reality underscore their experiences (Devito, 2010).

Causes of Adolescent Pregnancy

Various factors contribute to adolescent pregnancy, including family structure, early sexual activity, personal aspirations, and instances of sexual abuse. Adolescents in unstable family environments may seek intimacy outside the family, heightening their vulnerability to pregnancy (Domenico & Jones, 2007).

Prevention Strategies

Effective sexuality education can delay sexual initiation and dispel misconceptions surrounding sexuality. However, programs should involve youth in generating knowledge and addressing issues pertinent to their lives rather than solely imparting information (Boonstra, 2015).

Peer-led initiatives that incorporate environmental influences and emphasize the unacceptable nature of teenage pregnancy can empower adolescents to make healthier choices while enhancing their personal competencies (Hendricks & Wood, 2017).

PSY FPX 7230 Assessment 3 Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy presents multifaceted challenges that demand comprehensive prevention and support approaches. Effective interventions should address socio-economic determinants, offer holistic sexuality education, and empower adolescents to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health (Mangeli et al., 2017).


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PSY FPX 7230 Assessment 3 Teenage Pregnancy

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