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PSY FPX 7520 Assessment 4 Executive Coaching


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PSY FPX 7520 Social Psychology

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Groupthink aims to unify employees into a cohesive unit, prioritizing collective goals over realistic alternatives. It serves as a potent instrument for organizational success. This assessment explores strategies to enhance employee creativity through insights from social psychology and the social dynamics influencing groupthink.


In high-stress environments, decision-making can be compromised, leading to a cascade of poor choices and organizational challenges such as high turnover rates. Team-building initiatives offer a means to identify and mitigate decision-making flaws, thus fostering independent thinking and reducing the sway of social influences.

Enhancing Mental Efficiency

Understanding the genesis of groupthink within an organization lays the groundwork for its mitigation. Groupthink, as described by Hassan (2014), manifests as a collective reluctance to explore alternative courses of action, driven by a desire for group cohesion. This phenomenon undermines mental acuity and moral discernment, often resulting in the dominance of a few vocal leaders within a group.

Impact on Decision-Making

Pressure within group dynamics can precipitate hasty decisions, further impeding mental clarity and moral judgment. Authoritarian figures may emerge, stifling dissenting voices and perpetuating a homogeneous mindset (Hassan, 2014).

Role of Social Psychology

Social psychology elucidates how individuals’ behaviors and responses are shaped by social contexts. In healthcare settings, issues such as organizational inefficiencies and a dearth of creative problem-solving stem from groupthink dynamics. Formal procedures aligned with institutional goals can counteract these tendencies, fostering collaboration and decision-making efficacy (Maiha & Saidu, 2014).

Influencing Factors

Staff empowerment in decision-making processes, devoid of emotional barriers, is pivotal. Social dynamics and individual personalities influence group dynamics, with assertive individuals more likely to voice dissenting opinions. A conducive environment, where diverse perspectives are valued, enhances creativity and decision-making quality (Madigosky & Schaik, 2016).

Strategies to Minimize Groupthink

Restricting group size and encouraging diverse input can mitigate the pitfalls of groupthink. Personality diversity within teams fosters innovative thinking, while cultural considerations enrich decision-making processes, ensuring broader participation and a congenial atmosphere (Maiha & Saidu, 2014; Pratkanis & Turner, 2013).

PSY FPX 7520 Assessment 4 Executive Coaching


Groupthink stifles creativity and impedes organizational progress. By recognizing and addressing its manifestations, organizations can cultivate a more vibrant and resilient workplace culture, conducive to innovation and sustainable growth.


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PSY FPX 7520 Assessment 4 Executive Coaching

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