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PSY FPX 7543 Assessment 3 Ethical dilemma case study


Capella University

PSY FPX 7543 Ethics and Multicultural Issues in Psychology

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Case Study Summary

Competence Boundary and Accuracy in Teaching

Psychologists must ensure that their professional services, teaching, and research activities align with their formal education, training, and experience. It is essential that they operate within the limits of their expertise. Moreover, psychologists are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of course syllabi and educational materials to ensure they reflect accurate and current information (American Psychological Association [APA], 2010).

Ethical Concerns: Discrimination

Psychologists are required to avoid engaging in discriminatory practices in their professional roles. This includes avoiding bias based on factors such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, and other personal characteristics. Adhering to this principle ensures fairness and equity in all professional activities (APA, 2010).

Ethical Comparison: Deontology vs. Utilitarianism

Prioritizes the inherent morality of actionsFocuses on the outcomes and consequences of actions
Emphasizes strict adherence to ethical rulesBases ethical decisions on overall benefit and utility
Commitment to moral principles is criticalActions are judged based on their situational benefits
Ethical Decision Making Using the Deontological Model
  1. Identify the Dilemma: Recognize conflicts between ethical principles.
  2. Gather Information: Understand the context and different perspectives involved.
  3. Consult the Code of Ethics: Refer to the relevant ethical guidelines.
  4. Develop a Plan of Action: Brainstorm possible actions considering their risks and benefits.
  5. Choose a Solution: Select an action that aligns with moral principles and maximizes positive outcomes.
  6. Implement the Plan: Execute the chosen solution.

Jenny’s ethical dilemma involves deciding whether to accept an offer to teach Biopsychology despite feeling that she lacks sufficient competence. By following the Deontological Model, Jenny should discuss her concerns with Professor Ben, expressing her desire to improve her qualifications to ensure her actions remain ethically sound and professionally responsible (Mandal & Ponnambath, 2016; Schildmann et al., 2010).

Proposed Resolution

Jenny should have an open conversation with Professor Ben, voicing her concerns about her current level of competence and her willingness to enhance her qualifications. This approach will help her adhere to ethical standards while promoting her professional development (Radeke & Stahelski, 2020).

PSY FPX 7543 Assessment 3 Ethical dilemma case study


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PSY FPX 7543 Assessment 3 Ethical dilemma case study

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