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PSY FPX 7543 Assessment 4 Cultural and Ethical Issues: Combined Case Study


Capella University

PSY FPX 7543 Ethics and Multicultural Issues in Psychology

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Analysis of Cultural and Ethical Issues in a School Psychologist Interview Process

This examination explores the cultural and ethical challenges encountered during the interview process for a school psychologist position in New York City. The principal, Mila, a long-time New York resident, conducted the interview. The candidate, Abishek, from India, brought extensive experience, having worked in the United States and Europe. Despite Abishek’s qualifications, Mila had reservations about his ability to connect with children due to his age and accent. Ultimately, a 40-year-old American woman was hired, raising concerns about potential biases and fairness in the selection process.

Cultural Disparities

Mila’s biases against Abishek were influenced by his Indian nationality and male gender. She held preconceptions about Indian individuals’ proficiency in English and doubted a male psychologist’s ability to relate to children compared to females.

Ethical Considerations and Standards

Mila’s preference for older female candidates and her dismissal of Abishek based on his ethnicity and accent highlight significant ethical issues. Her actions contravene ethical standards related to fairness, competence assessment, and the use of unbiased evaluations.

Comparison of Ethical Frameworks

Contrasting deontology and utilitarianism reveals differing perspectives on individual responsibility versus outcome orientation. Deontology prioritizes consistent moral boundaries, while utilitarianism focuses on consequences and conditional moral principles.

Fisher’s Ethical Decision-Making Model

Fisher’s model outlines steps for ethical decision-making, emphasizing professional integrity, familiarity with standards, ethical dilemma exploration, stakeholder consultation, alternative evaluation, action implementation, and process assessment and modification.

Best Practices for Addressing Bias

Implementing practices such as cultural immersion, age integration, gender bias training, structured interviews, and diverse recruitment teams can mitigate biases and foster inclusivity in the workplace.

PSY FPX 7543 Assessment 4 Cultural and Ethical Issues: Combined Case Study

Proposed Resolutions

Solutions include offering Abishek a trial period, instituting interview templates for consistency, utilizing diverse recruitment teams, and providing multiculturalism training for staff.


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PSY FPX 7543 Assessment 4 Cultural and Ethical Issues: Combined Case Study

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