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PSY FPX 7610 Assessment 1 Evaluation of Test Purpose, Population, and Training for Three Tests


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PSY FPX 7610 Tests and Measurements

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In the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), evaluating behavioral skills is crucial, especially when working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), three key assessments are commonly used: the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Program (VBMAPP), the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, Revised (ABLLS-R), and the Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS). These assessments play a vital role in both the initial assessment and ongoing therapy for individuals with ASD.

Assessment and Placement Program for Milestones in Verbal Behavior

The VBMAPP is a tool designed to assess verbal behavior deficits in children with ASD and to track their progress during therapy. It consists of five parts divided into three stages of development. The first stage evaluates early verbal skills like requesting, labeling, listening, social interaction, visual perception, and imitation. The second stage builds on these skills, assessing comprehension, conversation, group activities, and language complexity. The third stage concentrates on pre-academic abilities. VBMAPP is used in clinical and educational environments to establish language development objectives. (Barnes et al., 2014; Holland, 2017)

Examination of Fundamental Language and Learning Abilities – Revised (EFLA-R)

The ABLLS-R is utilized for assessing and guiding the development of various skills in children between the ages of 3 to 9 who have ASD or language delays. It focuses on language, social, academic, daily living, and motor skills. However, while it’s widely used, research suggests that there’s a lack of empirical evidence supporting its reliability and validity (Partington et al., 2016; Rispoli, 2014).

PSY FPX 7610 Assessment 1 Evaluation of Test Purpose, Population, and Training for Three Tests

Scale for Evaluating Motivation (SEM)

The Multimodal Approach to Speech (MAS) assists in fostering language skills and managing challenging behaviors by understanding what motivates individuals, allowing tailored interventions to improve communication effectiveness. This approach is especially beneficial for people facing developmental delays and difficulties with language, as highlighted by Monaco & Associates.

Assessment of Test Objectives, Target Audience, and Preparation for Three Examinations

VBMAPP and ABLLS-R are criterion-referenced assessments that do not rely on normative samples, emphasizing individual progress rather than group comparisons. VBMAPP is designed for children up to two years old, while ABLLS-R targets children aged 3 to 9 with ASD or language delays. MAS is tailored for individuals with developmental delays and language impairments.

Test-User Knowledge, Skills, and Training

It’s crucial to be skilled in conducting these assessments. You need a strong understanding of verbal behavior principles to administer VBMAPP effectively, whereas ABLLS-R can be handled by parents, teachers, or therapists. MAS, on the other hand, is easier to conduct and understand, so it’s suitable for therapists, educators, and anyone with basic training (Barnes et al., 2014; Rispoli, 2014).

Analyzing the Similarities and Differences Among the Three Examinations

While both VBMAPP and ABLLS-R concentrate on evaluating verbal behavior, they diverge in their approaches to assessing progress. MAS, on the other hand, prioritizes understanding behavioral motivation. VBMAPP stands out for its comprehensive components in assessing children and ensuring tailored service provision.


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PSY FPX 7610 Assessment 1 Evaluation of Test Purpose, Population, and Training for Three Tests

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