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PSY FPX 7864 Assessment 1 Descriptive Statistics


Capella University

PSY FPX 7864 Quantitative Design and Analysis

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Descriptive statistics serve as a crucial tool in data analysis, allowing for the summarization of datasets that represent either an entire population or a sample. This analytical approach includes measures of central tendency—such as the mean, median, and mode—alongside measures of variability like standard deviation, variance, and range. Additionally, it considers kurtosis and skewness to understand the distribution shape (Hayes, 2023). Histograms, visual representations of frequency distributions, facilitate the comprehension of a variable’s distribution (What is a Histogram Chart, 2023).

Section 1: Histograms for Visual Interpretation

Distribution Plots

This section presents two histograms that display student scores across various ranges. The height of each bar indicates the count of students within each score range, offering a clear visual representation of the final exam score distribution (What is a Histogram Chart, 2023).

Section 2: Calculate Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Descriptive Statistics

The table below summarizes the descriptive statistics for GPA and Quiz 3 scores:

Quiz 3
Std. Dev.0.7131.600
Std. Error of Skewness0.2360.236
Std. Error of Kurtosis0.4670.467

PSY FPX 7864 Assessment 1 Descriptive Statistics

The mean, a common measure of central tendency, represents the average values for GPA (M = 2.862) and Quiz 3 scores (M = 7.133). Standard deviation, which provides insight into the dispersion of scores relative to the mean, is also reported: GPA (SD = 0.713) and Quiz 3 (SD = 1.600). Both skewness and kurtosis values fall within the acceptable range of -1 to +1, indicating a relatively normal distribution for both datasets (Quality Advisor, 2023).


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PSY FPX 7864 Assessment 1 Descriptive Statistics

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