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PSY FPX 8711 Assessment 2 Proposal For Training And Development Specialist


Capella University

PSY FPX 8711 Principles of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Prof. Name


Proposal For Training And Development Specialist


This proposal, authored by Jasalyn Ortiz, delineates a comprehensive plan for conducting pre-employment screening tests and implementing a structured interview process to effectively evaluate candidates for the Training and Development Specialist position.


Need #1: To meticulously evaluate candidates for the Training and Development Specialist role. Need #2: To utilize assessments to identify positive attributes indicative of exceptional performance (Landy & Conte, 2013). Need #3: To conduct structured interviews based on job analysis to assess candidate reactions to hypothetical scenarios.

Proposed Solution

Recommendation #1: Employ the Sixteen Personality Factor, Fifth Edition (16PF) to gauge personality traits critical for job success. Recommendation #2: Implement the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) to assess general cognitive ability, a significant predictor of future performance. Recommendation #3: Incorporate Work Samples and Simulations to evaluate specific knowledge and skills pertinent to the role. Recommendation #4: Conduct Structured Interviews grounded in job analysis to elicit responses relevant to the Training and Development Specialist position.

Proposal Justification

This proposal aims to streamline the hiring process, ensuring optimal candidate selection, thus conserving valuable company resources and enhancing productivity in the long term. Particularly crucial for the Training and Development Specialist role, this comprehensive assessment approach guarantees the selection of candidates capable of driving organizational growth and implementing effective training strategies for future success.

Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychologists have identified various attributes crucial for work performance, and our proposed assessments align with these findings (SIOP, 2019).

Role Significance

The Training and Development Specialist position plays a vital role in enhancing individual and organizational performance. According to the Occupational Information Network (ONET), individuals in this role are responsible for designing and executing training programs to enhance overall performance (ONET, 2019).

Assessment Rationale

  • Sixteen Personality Factor, Fifth Edition (16PF): This test evaluates 16 personality dimensions, providing insights into crucial aspects such as emotional stability and conscientiousness, which are vital for job performance (Cattell, et al., 1949).
  • Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT): Designed to measure general cognitive ability, the WPT offers valuable insights into a candidate’s capacity for learning and problem-solving (Wonderlic, 1989).

PSY FPX 8711 Assessment 2 Proposal For Training And Development Specialist

  • Work Samples and Simulations: These assessments offer practical insights into a candidate’s ability to perform specific job tasks, complementing other measures and enhancing predictive validity (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998).

Structured Interview Questions

Structured interviews, grounded in job analysis, ensure consistency and validity in evaluating candidates. Below are sample questions tailored for the Training and Development Specialist role:

  1. How would you improve departmental communication skills?
  2. Propose new training and development incentives for the CEO’s consideration.
  3. How would you identify the organization’s training needs?
  4. Describe your preferred training method and its rationale.
  5. Detail a professional development or training program you’ve organized.
  6. How would you handle the cancellation of a hired speaker before a staff training session?
  7. Describe your approach to evaluating promotions for existing staff members.
  8. Reflect on the most challenging issue you’ve encountered professionally and how you resolved it.
  9. Share your initial impressions of our current new staff training protocol.
  10. Explain your strategy for customizing training methods for diverse staff levels or individuals with disabilities.


Thank you for considering our proposal. By embracing this comprehensive assessment approach, the company can confidently select candidates best suited for the Training and Development Specialist position, thereby ensuring organizational success and growth.


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PSY FPX 8711 Assessment 2 Proposal For Training And Development Specialist

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