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PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 5 Leadership Theories


Capella University

PSY FPX 8720 Psychology of Leadership

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Leadership theories offer diverse perspectives on effective leadership, ranging from inherent traits to learned behaviors. Leadership is integral to team dynamics, shaping organizational outcomes. This paper examines Jordan’s leadership journey as the director of Organizational Development, navigating challenges and responsibilities.

Jordan assumed his position five years ago with minimal prior experience, dedicating himself to skill development, including certification as an ICF coach. Leading amidst turnover, he spearheads initiatives like cultural transformation and leadership development. Despite resource concerns, balancing professional duties with parenthood adds complexity.

Servant Leadership

Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership theory prioritizes serving followers, emphasizing collaboration and empathy. Critics caution against prioritizing individual needs over organizational goals. An anecdote from Jordan’s experience during the pandemic illustrates this tension, showcasing the trust-building potential of prioritizing followers.

Fiedler’s Contingency Theory Leadership

Fred Fiedler’s Contingency Theory posits leadership effectiveness depends on situational factors, not a universal style. It identifies leadership style and situational control as crucial. Jordan’s High LPC assessment indicates a preference for interpersonal connections over task orientation, aligning with relationship-focused tasks but challenging task-oriented projects.

PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 5 Leadership Theories

Compare and Contrast

Servant Leadership and high LPC leadership emphasize development and flexibility, while Fiedler’s model suggests a fixed style. Both stress aligning leadership with context. In a virtual work landscape, leaders must blend servant-like support with directive clarity.

Servant Leadership in Action

Servant leadership supports onboarding and talent development, empowering and engaging employees. Fiedler’s theory highlights matching leaders with suitable projects, as seen in Jordan’s experiences.


Effective leadership requires adaptability and situational awareness. The explored theories underscore the dynamic interplay between leadership style and context. Understanding individual inclinations and situational demands is essential.


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PSY FPX 8720 Assessment 5 Leadership Theories

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