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PSY FPX 8730 Assessment 1 Developing an Adaptable Workplace Culture


Capella University

PSY FPX 8730 Consultation Psychology

Prof. Name


Case Study


Levine Law Offices, a legal firm led by Darryl Levine, specializes in worker’s compensation and personal injury cases. The firm’s staff consists of three attorneys, six paralegals, one office manager, and ten administrative staff. Levine recognizes the necessity for a cultural transformation within the organization due to employee resistance to technological advancements and a tepid response to social media marketing strategies, despite their proven efficacy (Meehan, 2016).

Future-State Vision

Levine Law Offices aims to improve client service by empowering staff with proficient technology skills and fostering a positive attitude towards organizational changes. This vision requires active involvement from key stakeholders:

Owner/OperatorLeads the vision and guides the change process.
Office ManagerFacilitates training and monitors progress.
EmployeesEngage in tech training, offer feedback, and set measurable goals.
Partners/Investors/ClientsReceive high-quality service and provide feedback for improvement.

Consultation Theories

The consultation process draws insights from various psychological theories:

  1. Positive Psychology: Focuses on strengths, positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments (Chagnon, 2014).

  2. Systems Theory: Emphasizes open systems, holism, interdependence, and feedback to maintain organizational balance (Gantt, 2013).

  3. Adlerian Theory: Advocates for building relationships and contributing to society (Chidiac, 2013).

  4. Cognitive-Behavioral Theory: Integrates cognitive and behavioral strategies for therapy (Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, n.d.).

  5. Gestalt Theory: Highlights perceptual organization, awareness, dialogue, and skill-building (Foster & Lloyd, 2007).

PSY FPX 8730 Assessment 1 Developing an Adaptable Workplace Culture


The strategic plan’s implementation demands transparency, engagement, concrete steps, and achievable goals. The envisioned outcomes include flexible and technologically savvy employees, an efficient organization, and enhanced client engagement.


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PSY FPX 8730 Assessment 1 Developing an Adaptable Workplace Culture

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