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PSYC FPX 3002 Assessment 2 CRAAP Test and Library Worksheet


Capella University

PSYC FPX 3002 Developing a Psychology Perspective

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10 Common Myths About Therapy: Assessing a Website


The information provided in the article dates back to 2020, and the website has undergone updates as recently as 2022, which enhances its credibility. The functionality of associated links suggests recent maintenance, ensuring relevance.


The webpage delves into common misconceptions about therapy, aligning closely with the topic of interest. The content strikes a balance, neither oversimplifying nor delving into advanced concepts, making it accessible to diverse audiences. Despite exploring other sources, this particular one emerges as comprehensive and fitting, earning a relevance score of 9.


Authored by Bryan E. Robinson, Ph.D., and published on Psychology Today, the article benefits from the author’s extensive background as a practicing psychotherapist. Robinson’s expertise is further reinforced by his licensure and frequent appearances in various media platforms. The URL also facilitates verification of the source’s legitimacy.


Although lacking direct citations, the article draws insights from the author’s professional experiences. It maintains grammatical accuracy and is free from spelling errors. However, occasional biases in tone, particularly favoring psychotherapy, somewhat undermine the perceived objectivity of the content.


The primary objective of the article is to educate readers about prevalent misconceptions regarding therapy. While it offers valuable insights, the content occasionally leans towards the author’s opinions rather than purely factual information. This results in some ideological biases that affect the overall neutrality of the article.


With a cumulative score of 41, this assessment categorizes the source as suitable for academic purposes.

Adapted from the CRAAP Test developed at the Meriam Library, California State University, Chico.

PSYC FPX 3002 Assessment 2 CRAAP Test and Library Worksheet


Mainous, A. G. (2018). Perspectives in primary care: Disseminating scientific findings in an era of fake news and science denial. The Annals of Family Medicine, 16(6), 490–491. doi:10.1370/afm.2311

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