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PSYC FPX 3540 Assessment 3 Controversial Topic Position Paper


Capella University

PSYC FPX 3540 Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity

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Controversial Topic Position Paper

Gentrification, characterized by an influx of wealthier residents into economically disadvantaged urban areas, raises concerns regarding its impact on segregation. While some advocate for the creation of economically diverse communities, research suggests a contrary narrative. Despite initial claims of integration, gentrification tends to reinforce racial and economic segregation.

Racial Segregation and Gentrification

Gentrification often coincides with racial segregation. For instance, in the East Village, the Latino population, previously constituting 68 percent, has dwindled to less than 25 percent. Adler (2015) illustrates how gentrification begins with integration but results in predominantly white neighborhoods, as evident in Manhattan. This process starts with the arrival of new businesses, attracting wealthier residents to areas previously deemed undesirable. However, this inadvertently leads to the displacement or concentration of minorities, perpetuating racial segregation.

Economic Segregation and Gentrification

Although gentrification is heralded as a method to bridge economic disparities, it paradoxically exacerbates them. Initially, it may provide lower-income individuals with access to previously inaccessible markets. However, escalating costs often force further displacement, exacerbating economic divisions. Families intended to benefit from economic integration often find themselves marginalized or forced to relocate, undermining the initial goal of reducing economic disparities.

PSYC FPX 3540 Assessment 3 Controversial Topic Position Paper

The Illusion of Integration

Despite assertions of integration, gentrification merely reshuffles segregation, deepening economic and racial divides. Tobar (Year) emphasizes the gap between diversity and integration, where economic diversity fails to translate into integrated communities. The new businesses that emerge typically cater to the incoming affluent demographic, perpetuating segregation rather than fostering integration.

Unfulfilled Promises of Gentrification

Originally conceived as a solution to segregation, gentrification frequently results in the displacement of original communities, replaced by predominantly white demographics. Despite isolated instances of success, the overarching trend highlights gentrification’s failure to fulfill its promise of integration.


In conclusion, gentrification, aimed at promoting diversity and integration, often reinforces segregation along racial and economic lines. Despite sporadic exceptions, the prevailing pattern underscores gentrification’s inability to address underlying disparities effectively.


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PSYC FPX 3540 Assessment 3 Controversial Topic Position Paper

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