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PSYC FPX 4110 Assessment 3 Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence Reflection Paper


Capella University

PSYC FPX 4110 Positive Psychology

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Activity Summary

Forgiveness is the act of extending compassion to those who have caused harm, relinquishing the desire for control, and letting go of negative emotions linked to the event. Practicing forgiveness and mercy enhances interpersonal relationships, cooperation, job satisfaction, personal morale, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and overall productivity (VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports, 2021).

As a character strength and virtue under temperance, forgiveness helps prevent excessive behaviors and promotes balance. Without it, individuals might fixate on negative experiences and struggle with related emotions (VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports, 2021).

The Heartland Forgiveness Scale (HFS) measures dispositional forgiveness, which reflects a general tendency to forgive (Thompson et al., 2021). My total HFS score of 121 suggests a strong inclination to forgive oneself, others, and uncontrollable situations (The Model and Definition of Forgiveness — HFS, 2021).

Fostering forgiveness allows individuals to release negative feelings and cultivate compassion (VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports, 2021).

Relationship to Positive Psychology

The HFS assessment quantitatively evaluates character strengths relevant to daily life, encouraging the recognition and use of positive traits (Thompson et al., 2021). Forgiveness is associated with increased tolerance, happiness, contentment, confidence, reduced negative thoughts, relaxation, positive social interactions, and illness prevention (Toner et al., 2012).

Application to Social Issues

Forgiveness offers physical, mental, relational, and spiritual benefits, reducing anxiety and sadness (Worthington et al., 2007). A lack of forgiveness can lead to depression, anxiety, and anger, highlighting its importance for personal well-being (Yalçın & Malkoç, 2014; Zechmeister & Romero, 2002).

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PSYC FPX 4110 Assessment 3 Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence Reflection Paper

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PSYC FPX 4110 Assessment 3 Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence Reflection Paper

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