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PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal


Capella University

PSYC FPX 4600 Research Methods in Psychology

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Research Proposal

Redding (2019) discussed the profound influence of ethnicity on students’ academic outcomes. The study suggested that students achieve higher academic performance when taught by teachers sharing the same racial or ethnic background, as this enhances their sense of comfort and competence (Redding, 2019). Based on this foundation, the hypothesis of the present study is: “Ethnicity significantly influences students’ academic performance and grades.” Here, ethnicity is the independent variable, while grades are the dependent variable.


The study will utilize a random sampling technique to ensure an unbiased evaluation of the research hypothesis, with participants selected from high schools (Xu, 2019).


A mixed-methods research approach will be employed to examine the impact of ethnicity on students’ academic performance (Creamer & Reeping, 2020). Inferential statistics will be applied to test the hypothesis and to analyze the relationship between students’ grades and ethnic differences. While inferential statistics allow for generalizing findings from the sample to a larger population, they may face limitations due to incomplete measurement, potentially affecting data reliability and validity (Altoè et al., 2020).

PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal


Data will be collected using a mixed-method approach and survey design, which includes survey questions aimed at capturing participants’ opinions, thoughts, and ideas (Pack, 2023). Participants, who will be volunteers, will complete a demographic questionnaire providing information on age, sex, social status, race, and cultural background. All participants will be part of a single group, with ethnicity as the independent variable and grades as the dependent variable.

Potential Confounding Variables

Several potential confounding variables could influence the study, including academic performance and experiences of racism, as well as sociocultural factors such as social status and cultural differences. These variables will be controlled through strict adherence to research ethics to avoid any harm to the participants.


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Redding, C. (2019). A teacher like me: A review of the effect of student–teacher racial/ethnic matching on teacher perceptions of students and student academic and behavioral outcomes. Review of Educational Research, 89(4), 499–535.

PSYC FPX 4600 Assessment 2 Research Proposal

Xu, A. (2019). Evaluation of sampling methods for the detection of pathogenic bacteria on pre-harvest leafy greens. Food Microbiology, 77, 137–145.

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