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PSYC FPX 4700 Assessment 3 Hypothesis Effect Size Power and Tests


Capella University

PSYC FPX 4700 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

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Hypothesis, Effect Size, Power, and t Tests

Exercise Set 3.1: Exploration of the Mean’s Sampling Distribution

Criterion: Understanding population mean and variance.

In this exercise, a researcher aims to investigate the mean attention span within a hypothetical population. It’s indicated that the attention span, distributed normally, has parameters μ = 20 and σ^2 = 36.

  • Population Mean (μ): 20
  • Population Variance (σ^2): 36

The distribution is depicted, ensuring the representation of the distribution’s shape and labeling the mean along with three standard deviations.

Exercise Set 3.2: Impact Magnitude and Statistical Power

Criterion: Clarifying effect size and power.

Two researchers conduct tests on the efficacy of a drug treatment. Researcher A finds an effect size of d = 0.36 among males, while Researcher B discovers an effect size of d = 0.20 among females. Which researcher possesses greater power to detect an effect under similar conditions?

Similarly, in a study on marital satisfaction among military families, Researcher A samples 22 couples, while Researcher B samples 40 couples. Who has more power to detect an effect?

In another scenario, researchers examine standardized exam performance in two communities, each with different standard deviations (σ). Which researcher has greater power to detect an effect?

Exercise Set 3.3: Proposal, Orientation, and Average for the Group

Criterion: Elucidating the relationship between hypotheses, tests, and population mean.

The debate between directional and nondirectional hypothesis testing is explored. Cho and Abe (2013) discuss the use of one-tailed and two-tailed tests in behavioral research, providing hypothetical null and alternative hypotheses concerning male-female self-disclosure.

  • Type of Test: Directional or Nondirectional?
  • Encompassing all Possibilities: Do the hypotheses cover all potential population mean outcomes?

PSYC FPX 4700 Assessment 3 Hypothesis Effect Size Power and Tests

Exercise Set 3.4: Proposal, Orientation, and Average for the Group

Criterion: Explaining decisions regarding p values.

Lambdin (2012) critiques the significance testing methodology, highlighting the distinction between significant and nonsignificant p values.

  • Author’s Reference: Discussing the two decisions available to researchers based on p values.


Exercise Set 3.5: Analyzing a single sample using a t-test within the JASP software.

Criterion: Conducting a one-sample t test in JASP.

Utilizing the dataset “minutesreading.jasp,” which includes reading times of Riverbend City online news readers, the mean for national news is set at 8 minutes per week.

Instructions include stating the nondirectional hypothesis, determining the critical t for a = .05, and assessing whether the viewing time for Riverbend City online news significantly differs from the population mean.

Exercise Set  3.6: Ranges of Certainty

Criterion: Computing confidence intervals using JASP.

Building upon the previous dataset, instructions involve calculating a 95% confidence interval based on a population mean of 8.

Exercise Set  3.7: T-test for Independent Samples

Criterion: Performing an independent samples t test in JASP.

The dataset “scores.jasp” is utilized to examine depression scores between clients who abstain from news consumption and those who continue therapy.

Exercise Set  3.8: Performing an Independent t Test using JASP.

Criterion: Identifying IV, DV, hypotheses, and assessing the null hypothesis for an independent samples t test.

Utilizing data from the previous problem set, this exercise involves identifying the independent and dependent variables, stating the null hypothesis, and evaluating its rejection at α = .05.

Exercise Set  3.9: Performing an independent t-test with Excel.

Criterion: Conducting an independent samples t test using Excel.

The provided depression scores for two groups are analyzed using Excel, following specific steps to perform the t test.


Cho, S., & Abe, S. (2013). [Title of the paper]. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), page numbers.

PSYC FPX 4700 Assessment 3 Hypothesis Effect Size Power and Tests

Lambdin, C. (2012). [Title of the paper]. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), page numbers.

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