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BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate Free Sample Papers Anxiety (1) BS Psychology (7) Depression (11) Essay (2) Need writer for your Psychology Papers? Get your paper in 24 Hours. We have a team of Psychology Academic Writers who can help you quickly write plagiarism-free papers, essays, and research articles. Hire Writer BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate Name Capella University BIO FPX 1000 Human Biology Prof. Name Date Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate Persistent misconceptions persist surrounding COVID-19 vaccination, impacting various demographics, including pregnant women and those attempting to conceive. Despite over two years since the onset of the pandemic, substantial misunderstanding and misinformation persist. The safety of the vaccination for expectant mothers remains contentious, with concerns revolving around potential miscarriage risks or dangers to pregnant women (Wang et al., 2021). This presentation aims to delve into the topic of COVID-19 vaccines and their impact on pregnant individuals as part of BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Homework: Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate. One or More Additional Resources The article titled “COVID-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy: Coverage and Safety” provides an extensive analysis of the effects of COVID-19 vaccination on pregnancy. The insights presented in this article offer robust evidence supporting the stance advocated in this presentation. Based on studies conducted at London’s University Hospital National Health Science Organization, the article addresses concerns regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women (Blakeway et al., 2021). Drawing upon a cohort study, the journal article demonstrates that both vaccinated and unvaccinated pregnant women experienced similar outcomes. The research unequivocally establishes that COVID-19 immunization does not affect perinatal outcomes or fertility. Furthermore, the article advocates for mRNA vaccinations among expecting women, highlighting their popularity and lower incidence of side effects (Blakeway et al., 2021). The credibility of the chosen article undergoes assessment utilizing a credibility framework. Hosted on the .gov domain, the article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is deemed legitimate, meeting the criteria of the CRAAP test. Evaluation by professionals possessing expertise in vaccinations and immunizations, such as doctors, researchers, and epidemiologists, bolsters its reliability. The CDC’s oversight ensures that the content aligns with educational objectives for various healthcare professionals and stakeholders (Wei et al., 2021). Media or Internet Topic Reddit, a social news and information website, serves as a popular platform for sharing and discovering stories. However, it frequently disseminates incorrect information. Despite its widespread use for information dissemination, Reddit lacks independent content verification. Subreddits dedicated to propaganda contribute to the proliferation of misinformation, including false beliefs regarding vaccine safety for pregnant women (Lee et al., 2021). What Was Learned About the Selected Topic Research findings indicate that COVID-19 vaccination diminishes the risk of infection and severe complications in pregnant women. The CDC recommends vaccination for pregnant, nursing, and preconception individuals, emphasizing its safety and absence of adverse effects on fertility (Kalidas, 2021). Specific Symptoms or Prevention Methods Identified Pregnant women afflicted with COVID-19 face elevated risks of severe complications and adverse fetal outcomes. Preventative measures encompass the use of disinfectants, regular handwashing, adherence to social distancing guidelines, and avoidance of crowded spaces. Embracing healthy lifestyle choices contributes significantly to overall well-being (Abrams et al., 2022). Determination of Topic Information The investigation relies on academic, peer-reviewed articles, employing the CRAAP test to evaluate source credibility. Predominantly, articles from .gov and .org domains, including those from the CDC, were utilized to ensure reliability. Cross-referencing with reputable sources further corroborated the information (Lotfi et al., 2020). Conclusion Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation pertaining to vaccination, particularly among pregnant women, proliferates across social media platforms like Reddit. A critical evaluation of information originating from reputable sources is imperative to debunk false assumptions regarding COVID-19 vaccination (Abrams et al., 2022). References Abrams, S., Delf, L., Drummond, R., & Kelly, K. (2022). The CRAAP Test. Open. Oregon State. education. Blakeway, H., Prasad, S., Kalafat, E., Heath, P. T., Ladhani, S. N., Doare, K. L., Magee, L. A., O’brien, P., Rezvani, A., Dadelszen, P. von, & Khalil, A. (2021). COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy: Coverage and safety. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, 0(0). BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate Esparrago-Kalidas, A. J. (2021). The effectiveness of CRAAP test in evaluating credibility of sources. International Journal of TESOL & Education, 1(2), 1–14. Kalidas, A. J. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 in pregnancy: Part I. Clinical presentations and untoward outcomes of pregnant women with COVID-19. Journal of the Chinese Medical Association, 84(9), 813–820. Lee, W.-L., Yang, S.-T., Tsui, K.-H., Chang, C.-C., & Lee, F.-K. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy: Part II. Implications for maternal and child health. Journal of the Chinese Medical Association, 84(9), 821–825. Lotfi, M., Hamblin, M. R., & Rezaei, N. (2020). COVID-19: Transmission, prevention, and potential therapeutic opportunities. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry, 508, 254–266. Wang, C.-L., liu, Y.-Y., Wu, C.-H., Wang, C.-Y., Wang, C.-H., & Long, C.-Y. (2021). Impact of COVID-19 on Pregnancy. International Journal of Medical Sciences, 18(3), 763–767. BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate Wei, S. Q., Bilodeau-Bertrand, M., Liu, S., & Auger, N. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 193(16), cmaj.202604. Also Read BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate Read More BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 6 Patient Case Study Profiles – Cancer Causes Read More BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 5 Genetics Lab Read More BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 4 Digestion Lab Read More Load More

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